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Reconnect Concussion Program

Reconnect Concussion Program

Reconnect Concussion Program

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As a former ER Doctor and Family Doctor who has sustained multiple concussions, Dr. Vaidya understands the frustration, lack of clear information, obstacles to wellness, and isolation that can come with concussion. Based on personal experience and her own knowledge of neurobiology and stress, she developed this 9-week program to help fill the gap in concussion care. 

The goals of this program are to:

  • Reconnect the Brain, using neuroplastic techniques based on concussion-safe restorative yoga.

  • Reconnect with ourselves, after having sustained a life and identity changing injury

  • Reconnect with community, by coming together with others who also live with persistent concussion symptoms.


We will also

  • discuss research on lifestyle and nutrition best practices for brain health.

  • understand our nervous system and how we can best improve our function, physically, emotionally, and within our relationships.

  • employ techniques from mindfulness, and compassion focused therapies, as well cognitive behaviour therapy to help cope with difficulties.

  • support each other as we travel this brave new world with post mild Traumatic Brain Injury. 



Open to patients living with Persistent Concussion Symptoms in Ontario, Canada, ​​with valid OHIP. Referred patients will be assessed to ensure appropriateness for the group.


September 22nd  - November 17th, 2020 

Assessments will be conducted over the August for fall groups.


Online from your home. via the Ontario Telehealth Network or Zoom (with privacy link). Patients will need to provide consent to Virtual Care.


Patients can come in online via computer/laptop/tablet/or phone. Those with screen sensitivity are invited to turn off the screen and participate with audio only. Many participants with screen sensitivity have found turning off their screen or coming in by phone to be a great way to participate!



Please fill out the REFERRAL FORM and have your Family Doctor/Concussion Care Specialist FAX it to us at 647-578-2755. Your doctor's office may be offering telephone and virtual medicine consults. Call their office, or check their webpage. 



Once the referral is received, an assessment will be conducted to ensure suitability for the group. Assessment does not guarantee admission to the group.

***If the group is not appropriate for the individual, they will be referred back to their family doctor with suggestions that may be more suitable for their care. ***


OHIP + additional fees for Non-Insured Services inclduing handouts, meditations and videos. Deposit $80.00, total $200 (sliding scale based on household income) 

*Participants who miss more than one session will need to cover the cost of the missed time according to the following OHIP fee schedule: Missed Class: $80.00

This is module 1of 3 MODULES for Concussion Recovery. It is followed by Module 2: Live Well Series, and Module 3: the Mindful Self-Compassion 

Course Material included in this course
  • Reconnect Concussion Program - Welcome!
  • Reconnect Concussion Program - Welcome
  • Concussion Diet and Supplements
  • Concussion Resources
  • Preparing for Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques)
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • RCP Intro Video: How to sit in Meditation
  • RCP Group Confidentiality Agreement
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • Part 1: Release and Rest: Introduction
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP1 Reading: Concussion, Stress and the Path of Yoga
  • RCP1 Video: Yoga Philosophy in a Nutshell
  • RCP1 Video: Working with the breath
  • RCP1 Practice: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • RCP1: Extras!
  • Understanding the Stress Response
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP2: Understanding the Stress Response
  • RCP2 WORSHEET: The Embodiment of Stress
  • RCP2 Video: The Window of Tolerance & the Yogic Concept of the Gunas
  • RCP Basic Yogasana Practice
  • RCP2 Practice: Basic Yogasana Practice MP3
  • RCP2 Practice: Pranayama - Exhale-Focused
  • RCP2 Practice: Right Side-Left Side Body Scan
  • Exploring Fatigue and Burnout
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP3: Cognitive Fatigue and Burnout
  • RCP3 WORKSHEET: The Human Function Curve
  • RCP3 Video: The Human Function Curve
  • RCP3 Video: The Human Function Curve - Party Analogy
  • RCP3 Practice: Yogasana MP3 Practice
  • RCP3: Practice Pranayama Exhale-Focused Breathiung
  • RCP3 Practice: Yoga Nidra (22:15)
  • Extras!
  • On Being Self Compasionate
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP4 - On being Self-Compassionate
  • RCP4 - Basic Yoga Practice MP3 (for video see week 2)
  • RCP 4 Practice: Heart Focused Pranayama
  • RCP 4 Practice: Self-Compassion Break Meditation
  • RCP4 Practice: Walking Meditation
  • RCP Basic Yoga Practice
  • RCP 4: Extras!
  • Coping with Difficult Emotions
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP5: Dealing with Difficult Emotions
  • RCP5: Video - The Cycle of BS
  • RCP5: Basic Yoga Practice MP3 (see week 2 for Video)
  • RCP5: Practice - Breathing into the Heart & Head Pranayama
  • RCP 5 Practice: Working with Difficult Emotions Meditation
  • RCP 5: Extras!
  • Dealing with Challenges in Relationship
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP6: Dealing with Relationship Challenges
  • RCP6: Basic Movement Practice MP3
  • RCP6: Breathing Compassion IN and OUT
  • RCP Session 6 Meditation - Giving and Receiving Compassion (from the Mindful Self-Compassion program)
  • RCP Session 6 Meditation - Compassion with Equanimity
  • RCP 6 Extras!
  • Towards Resilience - Daily Routines
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP 7 - Channeling your Energy (worksheets included)
  • RCP Movement Practice MP3 (for video see session 2)
  • RCP Session 7 Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • RCP Session 7 Meditation- Walking Meditation
  • Re-Union
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP 8 - Re-Union
  • RCP Basic Yoga Practice
  • RCP 8 Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • RCP 8 Meditation: Walking Meditation
  • Becoming Resilient
  • Weekly Zoom Link
  • RCP 9 - Becoming Resilient
  • RCP 9: Basic Yoga Practice
  • RCP 9 Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
  • RCP 9 Meditation : Walking meditation
  • RCP Meditations
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • RCP Session1 Practice: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • RCP Practice Videos
  • RCP123:Pranayama - Exhale Focused Breathing
  • RCP4 Practice: Heart Focusing Breathing
  • RCP Basic Yoga Practice