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Mindful Self Compassion

Mindful Self Compassion

Mindful Self Compassion

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This 9-session program will help you practice the healing power of compassion for the person who needs it the most - YOU!

Prerequisite: Reconnect Concussion Program ​

All participants will need to be assessed prior to starting the group to ensure fit with the program. Please have your family doctor fill out the referral form and fax it to us. 

​About Mindful Self-Compassion:​

Based on the research of Kristin Neff ( and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer (, Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is a training program designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion (For more information, visit

Rapidly expanding research demonstrates that Self-Compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, less anxiety, depression and stress, maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and satisfying personal relationships. And it’s easier than you think.

MSC teaches core principles and practices of Self-Compassion that enable us to respond to difficult moments in our life with kindness, care and understanding.

After participating in this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life

  • Understand the empirically-supported benefits of self-compassion

  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism

  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease

  • Transform challenging relationships, old and new

  • Manage caregiver fatigue

  • Practice the art of savouring and self-appreciation


Dr. Vaidya requires you to have completed the Yoga of Stress Resilience program or thr Reconnect Concussion program prior to registering in the Mindful Self-Compassion program which she offers. 


Persons suffering from complex PTSD may find this course overwhelming, and a prior trauma-sensitive treatment, such as Sensory-Motor Psychotherapy is suggested.


This program is open to those who have completed the prerequisite courses. 

When: Tuesdays January 12th  - March 9th, 2021 

Where: Online from your home. via secure Zoom (with privacy link). Patients will need to provide consent to Virtual Care.


OHIP + $200.00 for non-OHIP covered services (Sliding Scale - please discuss with Dr. Vaidya). ​

Payment can be made via interac e-transfer to

Course Material included in this course
  • MSC Course Booklet
  • MSC - Course Booklet
  • MSC Week 1 - Discovering Mindful Self Compassion - The Extras
  • MSC Extras
  • Meditation: Self-Compassion Break
  • MSC Week 2
  • MSC Extras
  • MSC Extras : Practicing Mindfulness
  • Video: Happify – Meditation 101 A Beginner's Guide
  • Video: Happify – Why Mindfulness is a Superpower
  • Video: Radiolab (WNYC) – Moments
  • Video: The Fly by Hanjin Song/The Art of Meditation
  • MSC Week 3
  • MSC Extras: Practicing Loving Kindness
  • MSC Extras
  • MSC Week 4
  • MSC Extras
  • MSC Extras: Discovering Your Compassionate Voice
  • MSC Week 5
  • Recent Articles: Prince Harry on resisting emotions (in his case grief) and dealing with them.
  • MSC Week 6
  • MSC Extras
  • MSC Session 6 Extras: Meeting Difficult Emotions
  • MSC Week 7
  • MSC Session 7 Extras - Exploring Challenging Relationships
  • MSC Extras
  • MSC Week 8
  • MSC Session 8 Extras - Embracing your life
  • MSC extras