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Injury Management from a Psychological Perspective for Practitioners

Injury Management from a Psychological Perspective for Practitioners

Injury Management from a Psychological Perspective for Practitioners

Overview of Injury Management from a Psychological Perspective for Practitioners:

This 6-part course - Injury Management from a Psychological Perspective - is presented from the patient's perspective in dealing with a musculoskeletal injury and the associated psychosocial challenges that are commonly experienced. 

Too often practitioners feel unprepared to engage with patients when challenging psychosocial topics or conversations come up, so this online course is designed to help you, as a practitioner, grasp some effective concepts, tools, and strategies to help you feel more confident supporting patients and directing them to resources (like this webinar series).   

The course is also supported by a downloadable pdf workbook with activity worksheets that you can complete (as if you were a patient, or maybe from your own experiences in managing a personal injury?) in order to develop a mental performance program towards achieving successful, positive, and sustainable outcomes in relation to work, daily living, leisure & hobbies, wellness, and social interactions.  

I would strongly recommend completing these activities as they will further consolidate your learnings and ability to connect with your patients on the related topics.

Each self-paced module is approximately 40 minutes in length (total run time of the video), but when pausing the video to complete the related activities in the workbook it may take you approximately 60 minutes to complete each one.

Being self-paced, you have the ability to break each webinar down into shorter parts to fit your schedule, and you can do one a day or once a week, whatever works best for you.  

As well, near the start of the workbook, there is a section that presents some fundamental Psychological Guidelines to Injury Rehabilitation and these guidelines underpin the concepts and activities throughout the webinars and workbook.  At the end of each module, you will be directed back to these guidelines to complete a self-assessment and monitor your progress.  


The 6 Modules of this Online Course are:

  1. The Psychology of Injury
  2. Stress Management & Relaxation
  3. Goal Setting for Rehabilitation & Life 
  4. Motivation & Adherence to Rehabilitation
  5. Linking the Mind & Body: Your Mental Steroid
  6. Transitioning from Rehabilitation: Maximizing Your Resources

You can choose to purchase and take one individual module, or the entire series. When you click 'Buy Course' you will be offered the option to purchase the individual module or all 6 modules together.

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