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Orthopaedic Division Grand Rounds - Round 2

Orthopaedic Division Grand Rounds - Round 2

Orthopaedic Division Grand Rounds - Round 2

Jan 12, 2021 - 20:00 (EST)
90 minutes


This month’s case is a teenage baseball pitcher with an atypical presentation involving cervicothoracic, neurodynamic and scapulohumeral dysfunction resulting in shoulder and elbow pain and axillary tingling. 

Andrea McAllister, Joanne Carswell, Elaine Maheu, and Scott Whitmore will discuss clinical diagnoses and treatment strategies.  Audience participation is encouraged therefore the session will be 30 minutes longer than the initial Grand Rounds for questions and answers. 


Case presenter:

Andrea McAllister, PT   DipManip, MClSc(Manip), Instructor and Examiner NOD AIM program

Andrea McAllister has been a practicing physiotherapist for 25 years, working in private practice orthopaedics throughout her career. Andrea has been a part time clinical instructor at Dalhousie University for 18 years and an instructor in the AIM program for almost as long. She has been an examiner for 3 years.

Andrea sits as the Curriculum Chair for the Education Committee of the National Orthopaedic Division, is past Vice Chair/PODCR liaison and past Chair of the Nova Scotia Orthopaedic Section. Andrea works diligently to make sure our education system is effectively supporting interested and informed orthopaedic clinicians across the country.



Joanne Carswell, PT DipManip, MClSc(Manip), Instructor and Examiner NOD AIM program

Joanne has been practicing as a physiotherapist for 31 years. She completed her Intermediate exam in 1993 and her Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy exam through the National Orthopaedic Division in 2001. In 2011 she completed the Masters of Clinical Science through Western University.  Joanne is an instructor and an examiner for the National Orthopaedic Division. She has been a sessional instructor at the University of Manitoba since 2005. Joanne has a keen interest in learning and loves to see the look of “I get it” in her students’ eyes.


Elaine Maheu, PT DipManip, MClSc(Manip), Instructor and Examiner NOD AIM program

Elaine graduated from McGill University in 1978. In 1983, she studied under Geoff Maitland and received the Post-Graduate Diploma in Advanced Manipulative Therapy. In 1985, she passed the Canadian Intermediate exams in manual therapy and the Advanced exams in 1986. She completed the MClSc program at the University of Western Ontario in 2014.

Elaine is an instructor, examiner and past Chief examiner in the NOD AIM program. She has taught various short manual therapy courses in Canada, France & in Switzerland since 1986. She has currently been coordinating the Québec instructors involved in teaching the Canadian Manual Therapy curriculum in France, since 2012. In 2012, she was co-chair of the IFOMPT Conference that was held in Québec city and it was during that event that she was awarded the Golden Hands Award from the Orthopaedic Division and a Life Membership to CAMPT. She was the Canadian representative to IFOMPT from 1996-2000 and was part of the executive of IFOMPT from 2000-2004. She has been an invited speaker at numerous congresses in Canada, France and Switzerland. In 2017, she received the “Carol L Richards” award from the OPPQ in Québec for her exceptional contribution to the profession provincially, nationally and internationally.


Scott Whitmore, PT, BSc(PT), MClsc.PT, Dip.Manip.PT, FCAMPT, CGIMS, CIDN

Scott Whitmore is an instructor, examiner and chief examiner for the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association teaching the AIM Curriculum courses.  He also has an academic appointment at the University of Western Ontario, teaching in the Clinical Masters of Manipulative Therapy program. Other academic commitments include mentoring physiotherapists through the completion of the AIM program. 

Scott graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. He received his Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopaedic Division in 1999 and completed his Clinical Masters in Manipulative Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 2018.


Webinar Details:

Date: Tuesday January 12th, 2021

Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm EST

Speakers: Andrea McAllister, Joanne Carswell, Elaine Maheu, and Scott Whitmore 


  • $20 Orthopaedic Division / CPA member
  • $30 non-member

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