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Defining and Applying the Principles of Adaptive Fitness for Disability Management

Defining and Applying the Principles of Adaptive Fitness for Disability Management

Defining and Applying the Principles of Adaptive Fitness for Disability Management

Nov 02, 2021 - 20:00 (EDT)
60 minutes
The instructors


Individuals with varying abilities generally experience more difficulty in accessing opportunities for adaptive fitness and physical activity because of several factors, which are: a lack of awareness of the different conditions and abilities being different for each individual, a limited number of accessible facilities, and qualified staff to train the individuals. 

Another aspect which compounds the challenges is a sense of apprehension and fear both on the practitioner and participant side; there needs to be more communication of the importance and possibilities for adaptive fitness. 


What is Adaptive Fitness:

Adaptive Fitness is defined as modified standardized/ or biomechanically natural movement patterns to suit an individual’s physical needs/ goals according to their ability, which differs based on a level of impairment. 

It is important for physiotherapists to understand the role of functional fitness in a prospective patient’s quality of life. This webinar will help them apply its principles to their practice and learn about how to collaborate with Flex for Access. 


During this free 60-minute presentation, you will learn:

  1. Define adaptive fitness and its importance
  2. About Flex for Access and its function and impact
  3. Adaptive exercise prescription principles 

This webinar will highlight Jess Silver’s personal story, fitness journey, and reason for becoming an adaptive fitness trainer and consultant, and founding a Non-Profit Organization, for adaptive fitness and sport, called Flex for Access.



This webinar is intended for physiotherapists (physical therapists), athletic therapists, and kinesiologists, although all rehabilitation professionals are welcome to join.

•    45 minute presentation
•    15 minutes of audience Q&A

Register below (you must be logged into Embodia to register). Registration is limited to 500 participants. The webinar will be recorded and made available for free to Embodia Members (subscribers).

The instructors
Jess Silver
Researcher on Human Subjects TCPS 2.0, Medical Writer and Editor, Author, Certified Adaptive Personal Trainer and Founder of Flex for Access

Jess Silver is a Communications professional, Motivational speaker, and Amazon Bestselling Author of my memoir, Run: An Uncharted Direction. She is also a Medical Writer and Editor, Adaptive Personal Trainer, and Founder of a Non- Profit Organization called Flex for Access, with a diverse background in the communications and journalistic industry.

She uses her lived experience as an individual with Cerebral Palsy to coach and consult with other individuals with similar neurological conditions as well sports leaders, on the importance of using fitness and sport as means of creating capacity for improvement of conditions like CP.

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