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Bridging The Gap Between Physiotherapy And Psychotherapy

Bridging The Gap Between Physiotherapy And Psychotherapy

Bridging The Gap Between Physiotherapy And Psychotherapy

Feb 15, 2022 - 19:00 (EST)
90 minutes
The instructors



It can be challenging for a clinician and patient to manage persistent pain.  It can be difficult to explain the different components of prolonged levels of persistent pain when structure tissue damage is lacking.  

This course explores how psychological and emotional aspects can influence how a patient experiences pain and attempts to give physiotherapists some insights into the different psychological components of physical pain.



  • Give physiotherapists an overview of psychotherapy and different psychotherapeutic interventions.
  • Explains how a patient's childhood can impact the central nervous system and how he or she perceives pain.
  • Explain the influence of attachment on the fight and flight response
  • Discuss the potential psychological interventions in the treatment of chronic pain patients
  • Specific tips for Physiotherapists when dealing with patients with persistent pain from a psychotherapy perspective.


Who Is This Webinar For?

This online course is relevant to anyone who works with people in pain.  It gives clinicians insight into how the psychological and emotional lives of patients can influence their experience of physical pain. These insights give clinicians a frame of reference on how to interact and reframe how they might work with patients with persistent pain.

The instructors
Eric Hammer
Eric Hammer is a registered physiotherapist and registered psychotherapist. Eric has incorporated a holistic approach to his practice, which has included the use manual therapy, exercise science, acupuncture and pain education. He has a special interest in how the mind and body influence each other in the rehabilitation process. His passion and approach is to empower his patients to reach their greatest potential both physically and psychologically.
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