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Assessing and Treating the Baseball Player (and Overhead Athlete)

Assessing and Treating the Baseball Player (and Overhead Athlete)

Assessing and Treating the Baseball Player (and Overhead Athlete)

Feb 24, 2022 - 20:00 (EST)
60 minutes


This webinar aims to provide a framework to guide the assessment and treatment of overhead athletes.  

The presenter, Ryan Wells, has been working with baseball players for almost 10 years, and looks to share his knowledge and experience in successful rehabilitation of the throwing athlete.  

He will provide an overview on the task of overhead throwing and will review common diagnoses before using screening tests to help identify movement faults that plague the overhead athlete.



  • Review the major components of throwing
  • Review common diagnoses of the thrower
  • Discuss movement faults in throwers
  • Utilize Screening Tests to identify dynamic movement faults



This live webinar is for any healthcare professional who works with overhead throwing athletes. This webinar is for (not an inclusive list): physiotherapists, athletic therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists and physiotherapy assistants.

The instructors
Pivot Sport Medicine

Pivot is one of Toronto’s leading clinics for the comprehensive improvement of wellness. Our multidisciplinary team of 25+ practitioners provides cutting-edge diagnostics, injury treatment, and performance optimization for clients of all ages and lifestyles.

Ryan Wells

Ryan Wells graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy. Prior to this he earned his Honors Baccalaureate of Science degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University. In 2019 he completed his Diploma of Manipulative Physical Therapy with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

It was his sports background and love of science that led Ryan to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Ryan started his baseball career from the age of 6 and continued to play at a high level until his late 20’s. This first-hand experience has provided him with the knowledge of movement mechanics, injuries, treatment, and exercise prescription specific to the baseball player. Over the past 8 years he has worked with baseball players from house league to the national level. Throughout his academic career, Ryan has taken a keen interest in research, completing an undergraduate thesis in biomechanics. Furthermore, he was lead author for his graduate research project. This has provided him with the ability to evaluate research literature and apply it to his patients effectively.

Ryan has taken continuing education courses in Post Concussion Management, Soft Tissue Release, Functional Dry Needling, and is a Red Cross First Responder. In his spare time, Ryan likes to play baseball, football, and downhill skiing. He can also be spotted running, biking, and in the gym in the Bloor West community.

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