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How Health Professionals Can Earn More Work Less and Enjoy Life

How Health Professionals Can Earn More Work Less and Enjoy Life

How Health Professionals Can Earn More Work Less and Enjoy Life

Jan 22, 2020 - 19:00 (EST)
60 minutes

This online webinar is now over. To access the full course click here.


Do You Know The One Key Factor That All Successful Businesses (Not Just In Health Care) Have In Common?

Is it a business strategy? Company culture? Discipline? Or are they just lucky?

Join Paul Wright and Karim Meghji for a free, one-hour live training where they will give you the answer (which might surprise you). Plus, they will also discuss:

  • Why health business owners feel frustrated, worried and anxious about their future and what to do about it.
  • How to free yourself from your health business so you need not be in your practice at all.
  • The most important system you can ever put into a health business and why it is so powerful at increasing team compliance, consultation number and profits.
  • How the colour of an anti-inflammatory tablet can show you how to grow your health business.
  • Why the financial numbers you send to the tax department are not helpful in assisting you to run a great health business and why.
  • How to know if you are paying too much in rent if your admin costs are too high - and how your figures compare to other health businesses.
  • The essential discussion you need to have with all team members BEFORE they even start working in your clinic - and how failing to have this discussion can cost you thousands.


Who Is This Course For?

Any healthcare professional who is interested in learning how to work less and earn more. Register below for this complimentary 60-minute online training session with Paul Wright and Karim Meghji.


Important Message For All Health Business Owners!

  • Are you a health business owner frustrated by the time you are required to spend at your practice every week?
  • Are you disappointed when you miss your child’s school events and other important family occasions?
  • Are you scared to leave your practice for even a short vacation, worrying about the loss of income and fretting about coming back to so many problems that the holiday just wasn’t worth it?
If any of these fears or frustrations apply to you and your current health business, you will be pleased to know, your solutions are all contained in this free, online training. Click below to register!

The Details:

When: Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020 - 19:00 pm (EDT).

Where: Online - join from anywhere! Once you register you will receive instructions on how to join.

Who: All health and fitness professionals.

What: Those who join the webinar will be able to ask Paul Wright and Nicole Meghji questions directly.

WARNING: Space is limited to the first 500 clinicians who register. 

These LIVE training always fill up fast so claim your spot right now to avoid disappointment. At Embodia's last webinar, we had over 550 people register and ran out of space.


There are less than 10 seats left for this webinar with Paul Wright and Nicole Meghji! Register now to claim your spot! Once these spots are full we will start a waitlist. 

The instructors
Paul Wright
Paul Wright B.App.Sc (Physio), Dip. Ed. (Phys. Ed.), Adv. Dip. Business Management

Since graduating as a Physical Education teacher in 1987, and then as a physiotherapist in 1990, Paul Wright has opened multiple multi-disciplinary health clinics, closed a few, been locked out of one and sold some others. He has employed countless therapists and support staff, fired some and re-hired others.

Paul has been actively involved in clinical education around the world having lectured to over 25,000 health professionals - in the areas of program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation and business development and even found the time to win multiple titles as a competitive bodybuilder.

Paul Wright is living proof this “Ultimate Health Business Lifestyle” is possible.

At one stage he owned 6 successful Get Active Physiotherapy clinics in Australia, yet still spent more time at home than his wife preferred, never missed a school concert or sports carnival, and visited his clinics for only a few hours each week. While doing this he did not even live in the same city as 5 of his clinics!

Since selling his health businesses Paul now prefers spending even more time with his family and friends, at the beach, or at home working on the Million Dollar Health Professional Program, Profit Club, One on One Coaching, The Practice Acceleration Program, presenting live seminars and working on his most recent passion – The One Minute Practice program.

Karim Meghji

Karim has a degree in Behavioural Psychology from McMaster University and a Physical Therapy degree from the University of Toronto. For over a decade he has combined certifications in Medical Acupuncture, Gunn IMS, Spinal Manipulation and other Manual and Active therapy approaches into an Accession of Complimentary Rehabilitative Medicine.

He has extensive work experience in Sports Medicine and Injury Rehabilitation in the private practice setting. In addition to his efforts with the Private Practice Division, he volunteers as a Heath Board Executive within the Shia Ismaili Muslim community designing and implementing Health and Wellness Seminars and Lifestyle Improvement Initiatives.

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